401(k) Services

Benefits of working with JSC Advisors

Independent Our investment options are not limited to certain fund families, nor do we have any proprietary requirements within our platform. We are able to choose from over 15,000 mutual funds from nearly all available fund managers. Our plans include exchange traded funds (ETFs) as well.

Objective and Conflict Free There are no hidden fees, revenue sharing through 12b-1 or Sub T/A fees from mutual fund companies, we receive only the compensation our clients agree on. This allows us to be completely objective when deciding what funds to offer within our 401(k) platform along with advising plan participants on what mutual funds to invest in within the platform.

Comprehensive We not only assist plan providers with meeting their fiduciary duties but we will also assist plan participants with selecting their 401(k) portfolio along with any personal financial planning needs they may have.


Investment Advisory Through our proprietary mutual fund screening process we assist plan providers in offering long-term, top performing actively managed mutual funds.

Fee Assessment We provide a full fee analysis including advisor, administrator, and mutual fund fees to assist clients in meeting their fiduciary obligations.

Performance Reporting and Analysis - Each quarter we analyze our current mutual funds being offered with our 401(k) platform to ensure they are still meeting our screening criteria. If the manager fails to meet our screen they are placed on a watch list and if they stay current on the list for four consecutive quarters they are removed from our platform.

Investment Policy Construction - A written investment policy demonstrates the process the fiduciary took to make well-informed prudent investment decisions. We will help you create a fiduciary process and construct the necessary Investment Policy Statement.

Enrollment and Education Meetings We will work with plan providers to educate plan participants on retirement planning and their 401(k). We also assist with the initial and ongoing individual enrollments.

Our Focus

Our focus at JSC Advisors is to assist retirement plan fiduciaries meet their regulatory obligations while avoiding potential personal liability. Current issues facing fiduciaries include a lack of fee transparency, potential personal liability, increased scrutiny by lawyers, plan participants, and regulators along with complex laws and regulations that are constantly changing. Our services and 401(k) platform will help alleviate the confusion and potential liability of offering a retirement plan to employees.